Selling Americn Singer canaries in yellow, red, white, green, variegated, crested and plain head varieties in Carmi, Illinois
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As you can see from the pictures of my canaries, I have several types and breeds to choose from in many different colors. The colors available at this time are: yellow, red, white, green, yellow agate, yellow variegated, green variegated and cinnamon variegated. I have both crested and plain head canaries.

I also have a few Gloster canaries. A Gloster is a miniature canary breed with the broad head and chest of the large Norwich canary but only three-quarters the size and best known for its crest {corona} of feathers on the head similar to the original Beatles hairdo.

For an unusual bird, I also have a very few Ino canaries. These birds have bright red eyes.

In addition to the other birds, I also have available some Red Factor canaries. The foundation for these hybrid birds is produced by crossing a Venezuelan Red Siskin male with a canary hen.

Probably the most important feature about my canaries is their singing ability. Although all adult male canaries sing, my birds are all American Singers, which is a cross between a Roller and Border canary. They sing both rolled and chopped notes producing a very beautiful and sweet melodic sound. This is a special breed of singers which is very popular in the United States.

To help you with questions you may have regarding canaries, to include: the history, breeds, color and genetics, housing, care and breeding please click here.

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