Selling Americn Singer canaries in yellow, red, white, green, variegated, crested and plain head varieties in Carmi, Illinois
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The sweet melodic sound produced by these little birds makes every day sound like springtime. Undoubtedly the reason that in the Victorian era, when every family had a canary, they were called "little sugar birds".

My love for the canary began for me as a small child while visiting my great aunt Hannah on her farm which was nestled in the rolling hills of southern Illinois. Her home was always filled with the warm sweet sound of several canaries, a memory I shall cherish forever. Throughout my life I have always had canaries in my home; but not until my later years, after returning to southern Illinois to retire, did I begin to raise these beautiful little birds as a hobby to share with my family and friends.

Now, as generations have passed, I have decided to share my little songbirds with others. Hopefully they will bring the sounds of joy to your home as they have to mine.

Male and female canaries in a variety of colors, types and breeds

Located in Collinsville, IL 62234
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